Mon, 22/05/2017 - 17:00

DS World Paris is hosting the "Marilyn, The Last Sitting" exhibition from 8 June 2017 to 6 January 2018.

The session took place in Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles in 1962 over two days and one night, consisting of three long photo shoots by Bert Stern for Vogue magazine. The photographer took a total 2,571 pictures; the 59 most emblematic are on show at DS World Paris.

The event is proposed by Olivier Lorquin, curator of the exhibition and chairman of Musée Maillol, and staged by Hubert Le Gall. It will plunge visitors into a world of glamour, truth and emotion, alongside DS models from the current collection as well as a rare DS 21 Cabriolet US Export from September 1966.

For Julien Faux, Director of DS World Paris, the "Marilyn, The Last Sitting" exhibition is "a way of keeping alive the legend of this extraordinary woman, who was ahead of her time. It is also a perfect opportunity for drawing parallels between the timelessness of this artist, who has since become an icon, with the spirit of avant-garde of the current models in the DS collection, descended directly from the DS, another icon of the 20th century."  

The exhibition is showing at DS World Paris at 33 rue François 1erin Paris. Free admission.

Proposed by Olivier Lorquin, curator of the exhibition and chairman of Musée Maillol, and Julien Faux, Director of DS World Paris, "Marilyn, The Last Sitting" takes us back 55 years and plunges us into the intimacy of the star, placing the visitor at the heart of the special relationship the artist always cultivated with photography and photographers. The last sitting was shot by photographer Bert Stern one month before the death of Marilyn Monroe.

For Hubert Le Gall, who staged the 59 prints at DS World Paris, "This exhibition can be summed up in two words: sensuality and glamour. The choice of materials – sensual velour, black when recalling the famous Dior dress, and powder-pink plexiglass, fresh as a satin sheet – reflects the image of a sensitive and intimate Marilyn Monroe who charms and thrills us through this photo exhibition."

"This selection of photographs was chosen by the photographer, who came across the prints years after leaving them aside. As such, the exhibition forms a sort of path, akin to a storyboard," says Olivier Lorquin

The exhibition will run from Thursday 8 June 2017 to Saturday 6 January 2018 at DS World Paris. For Julien Faux, Director of the venue, "the cultural activity at DS World Paris is an ideal opportunity for visitors to plunge into the world of our DS brand. The DS world is marked by refinement, French savoir-faire, innovation and avant-garde, as expressed by our cars.  The cultural events we propose are aimed at showcasing artists who share or embody this same spirit. With ‘Marilyn, The Last Sitting’, we are celebrating the timelessness of an icon who was ahead of her time."



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